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Our 75th Anniversary theme is
Kindness Counts―Pass it On!

We believe that voluntary personal acts of kindness, no matter how large or small, well represent WESTconsin Credit Union’s mission and values. Therefore, not only will our employees be involved in monthly community outreach efforts, all of us will be eagerly engaging members and others to participate as well.

Mission Statement

WESTconsin Credit Union is committed to helping our members achieve financial success.

Core Values

We will achieve our mission...

  • With honesty and integrity in all relationships;

  • With sincere caring about our employees, members, and communities;

  • By providing quality service that outshines the competition.


Creative Acts of Kindness

  • Put Change in a Parking Meter―If you notice a car's parking meter is about to expire, put some change in.

  • Leave Quarters at Laundromat―The next time you do your laundry at the Laundromat, leave a couple of quarters behind for the next person. You could even leave them on top of the machine with a note saying "Have a great day!"

  • Leave a Generous Tip―Next time you eat at a restaurant, leave a generous tip as a surprise for your waiter or waitress. Or next time you get coffee or ice cream somewhere, look for a tip jar and leave more than just the change from your transaction. Why not throw in an extra dollar or two? You are bound to make someone's day when you tip more than expected.

  • Pay for Parking―Pay the parking fee for the car behind you at an amusement park. No one likes to hand over such a large chuck of money for parking. Paying for someone else's will truly make their day. Who knows, maybe they'll pay for the person behind them and the chain continues?

  • Be Kind to Your Neighbor―Be kind to your neighbor today! Stop by your neighbor's house or apartment and bring them a treat or some flowers. This is a great way to meet a neighbor you might not know yet, or to check in with one you haven't seen in a while! You could even invite them to celebrate random acts of kindness by bringing two of whatever you give them and tell them to pass the extra on to someone else.

  • Pick Flowers for Someone Special―Share the beauty of nature with a loved one by picking a special bouquet of flowers for them. The fact that you picked out the flowers yourself with them in mind will add a lot of meaning to this gift, rather than just sending store-bought flowers. This is a great activity whether you are an adult or child, and what better way to show someone how much you love them!

  • Weed a Flower Bed―The surrounding atmosphere can be a very important factor in building a strong and successful community.

  • Bring In Your Neighbor's Trash Cans―Often times an empty garbage container is light enough to be tossed around by the wind. Sometimes they end up in frustrating locations; they roll across the street, or down a driveway blocking the path of the cars trying to drive past or park. On "trash day" in your neighborhood, why not save your neighbor the trouble of jogging down the street to retrieve their empty garbage cans and simply pick it up and bring it in for them?


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